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For more information contact:
Michelle Frydrych, Marketing Communications Specialist
ConTech Lighting
Phone: 847-715-7962

NORTHBROOK, Ill., (February 24, 2016) - ConTech Lighting, a leader in innovative, high-performance and sustainable lighting solutions, today announced that Blankenship & Associates and Electrical Representatives West (ERW) Lighting and Controls will now represent ConTech in Washington State. Blankenship offers comprehensive design services and photorealistic 3D visualization, and will extend ConTech's representation to Idaho.  ERW offers photometric layout assistance and control systems design services, and will extend ConTech's representation to Alaska.

"We are extremely fortunate to have both Blankenship and ERW represent ConTech in the Northwest Territories," Said John Ranshaw, President and CEO of ConTech Lighting. "Blankenship and ERW offer specialized customer service and provide the marketplace with designs and lighting solutions to solve any lighting issue. This form of customer attention is what makes the partnership ideal for all parties."

For more information about Blankenship & Associates please visit their website at For more information about Electrical Representatives West please visit their website at And to learn more about the products offered by ConTech Lighting please visit us at

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ConTech Lighting is an industry leading source for innovative, high-performance and sustainable lighting solutions.  Since our founding in 1980, we are committed to providing the best fixture designs, market expertise and product support available. That is why we are the lighting manufacturers that industry professionals trust to meet their high expectations. Today our extensive product offering includes: track, decorative, pendant, cylinder, recessed, sconce, accent, display and emergency lighting fixtures.