Luminaires and Accessories


Eclipse 9W LED Track Fixture
Eclipse 15W LED Flexible Track Fixture
Eclipse 25W LED Flexible Track Fixture
Eclipse 35W LED Flexible Track Fixture
LED Cylinder Track Fixture
LED PAR38 Gimbal
GE or Philips MR16 CMH Fixture
T3.5/BT5 CMH Flexible Track Fixture
Stealth Ceramic Metal Halide
T3.5/BT5 CMH Horizontal Ballast
MR16 CMH Horizontal Ballast
Incandescent Neat Spot
Incandescent Ponti with Porcelain Shade
Incandescent Lika Spot
Incandescent Bima Spot
Incandescent Risa Display Light
Incandescent Varre
PAR20 Incandescent Gimbal
PAR30 Incnadescent Gimbal
PAR30 Incandescent Bolos
Incandescent Risa with Ring
Incandescent Radia-S with Porcelain Shade
2' 2T5HO Fluorescent Wall Lighter
Low Voltage Risa with Ring
Low Voltage Syros
Low Voltage Nica with Metal Shade
Low Voltage Lika Spot
Low Voltage Star Spot
Shades for Star Spot
Universal Pendant Adapter
Black Cut Off Baffle/Snoot
2" Black Honeycomb Louver
4" Black Honeycomb Louver
Aluminum Accessory Holder
Aluminum Accessory Holder
Silver Mesh Grill
Thermal Heat Shield