Our goal is carbon neutrality across our business operations by 2030.


Lighting can be energy efficient, while also delivering high-quality performance and contributing to the aesthetics of the space. It is possible to cut energy costs, improve lighting quality, increase productivity, and enhance the user experience by embracing the latest technology and proper luminaire application. We call this EcoTechnology.


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See the steps we’re taking to mitigate the risks of climate change and help our organization transition to net zero.


Carbon Reduction & Energy Efficiency 

  • Use of our products saved over 123 million kW/Hrs of energy in 2022
  • We promote sustainability practices and help and develop standards to reduce carbon including Green Globes, Energy Star, LEED, WELL and LBC​


  • ConTech Lighting earned the first Declare listing for Track Products
  • 100% of Products that are LED based have regular technology updates to take advantage of performance efficacy enhancements
  • We incorporate optical solutions in our luminaires that reduce the number required while enhancing the illumination levels at target surfaces

 Reduce Jobsite Waste  

  • Reinventing the packaging for our CTL905 Eclipse Curve Luminaire Series eliminated 98K cubic feet of expanded polystyrene foam annually

Maximize Recycling

  • Recycling over 30,000 pounds of paper, metal and electronics resulted in saving over 112 trees
  • 100% Use of recycled paper products in our facility

 Water Stewardship 

  • Recognizing our influence on the environment and executing initiatives to reduce water usage
  • Utilization of water conserving plumbing fittings with sensors for automatic shut-off

ConTech’s Eclipse Curve Family of Track and Cylinder Luminaires has earned the Declare Label for sustainable building.

The Declare Label discloses product components and information on overall compliance with relevant requirements of the Living Building Challenge (LBC). This helps Specifiers select products for buildings that better support human and environmental health.

For more information about the Living Building Challenge and ConTech’s participation, click here.


We believe in a carbon-free future:
our goal is carbon neutrality across our business operations by 2030.

Our ambition is to be net-zero by 2050.