ConTech Lighting + BIOS SkyBlue™ Circadian Lighting Technology

Dynamic 24-Hour Lighting Solutions to Regulate Circadian Systems and Create Healthier Spaces

BIOS SkyBlue™ Circadian Lighting Technology brings the benefits of blue skies inside by emulating the makeup of nature’s light spectrum. 

BIOLOGICAL BENEFITS: Strengthens Circadian Rhythm, Increases Alertness, Enhances Productivity, Boosts Mood and Promotes a Better Night Sleep.

Light sends signals to the body that create biological responses, many associated circadian system. These signals can impact mood, hormone production, energy levels, alertness, fatigue and more. 

These biological responses to light can be measured by the melanopic (non-visual) to photopic (visible light) ratio called the M/P ratio. During the day, a high M/P ratio is optimal, while at night a low M/P ratio is best.

BIOS LEDs are expertly designed to generate psychological and biological responses, offering the most comprehensive approach to wellness lighting.

BIOS LEDs provide high daytime stimulus by pin-pointing the peak sensitivity of the ‘sky blue’ visible light spectrum wavelengths, approx. 490nm, needed to effectively communicate and trigger the circadian response.



The BIOS Bio-Dimming Modules deliver a completely customizable and spectrally-modulated light source. Two Modules are available, Tunable or Static, depending on desired performance, and can be used with any standard dimming interface.


Best suited for 24-hour facilities or evening applications, where full light output is desired as the day progresses, but also the need to minimize circadian impact in the evening.

When dimming, the sky blue wavelengths are removed first, resulting in a modest color temperature shift to 2700K. This provides both psychological and biological benefits without a harsh change in CCT. This shift occurs within the first 20% of the dimming profile.

In the remaining 80% of the dimming profile, light output is reduced, enabling a standard linear reduction of the sky blue depleted spectrum.

Ideal for Senior Living Facilities, Hospitality and Residential Environments, Factories, Neonatal Intensive Care Units/NICUs



Supports proper daytime circadian stimulus, best suited for day-only applications. 

Color of light remains constant throughout the day: the 490nm sky blue signal boost to white light does not reduce and the apparent CCT of 3000K, 3500K or 4000K remains constant for high daytime circadian stimulus.

When dimming, these sky blue wavelengths remain, as overall light intensity is dimmed down.

Ideal for Schools, Offices, Healthcare Facilities, Retail, Sports Facilities, Outpatient Clinics and Factories.


ConTech + BIOS

ConTech has partnered with BIOS LEDs to provide state of the art circadian lighting solutions within reliable ConTech Downlights.

ConTech’s R4 and R6 Series LED Round Downlights feature several housing options equipped with BIOS SkyBlue LED Technology.

Select from New Construction, Insulated Ceiling (IC), StopAire® (Non-IC) and Remodel housings, delivering over 2200 Lumens in 3000K, 3500K and 4000K.

Each housing option features the Bio-Dimming Modules; designed to dynamically shift from day to night via a common dimmer.