Transform your interior


Downlights have the power to transform the ambience of virtually any interior; the effects can range from subtle to dramatic. Recessed Lighting is a versatile lighting option to help create a compelling, well-lit space.

ConTech Lighting provides a full range of recessed product solutions, perfectly suited for Residential, Multi-Family, Hospitality, and commercial settings. Downlights, Wall Wash and Adjustable products are available in aperture sizes ranging from 2- to 6-inches, for many environments including New Construction, Remodel, Shallow Plenum and Insulated Ceilings; providing the solutions needed to satisfy a wide range of lighting challenges. Select from a range of Trims in multiple styles and finishes, with both trimmed and trimless options. ConTech’s Downlights are available for a variety of dimming protocols including 0-10V, Phase Dimming, DALI, and DMX; with smooth, flicker-free dimming performance down to .1%.

ConTech’s Downlights are cCSAus Listed, many having additional certifications and listings to help meet energy codes and requirements, including CEC Title 24 JA8, Chicago Plenum CCEA, Wet Location, UL924, WSEC/ASTM E283, and ENERGY STAR® Certification.

At ConTech Lighting, we pride ourselves on supplying exactly what our clients need to create dynamic, successful projects, on time and within budget. Our Downlights can be configured to meet your design specifications with a range of options, including multiple wattage/lumen packages, beam distributions, and dimming options.

ConTech Downlights deliver exceptional performance, color consistency, and energy-efficiency. Our Downlights are optically engineered to balance visual comfort while maintaining maximum output. Sleek and easy to conceal, Downlights are a flexible lighting option that can dramatically transform your space and can easily be combined with other types of lighting to create a layered look within it. Whatever your vision, ConTech has the quality and high-performing products you need to create the effects you desire.