Hospitality Lighting



Hospitality, by definition, is “the quality or disposition of receiving and treating guests and strangers in a warm, friendly, generous way.” Lighting plays a significant role in setting the mood and atmosphere in an establishment, whether it be a restaurant, hotel, resort or casino.

There is no single formula to abide by or a “one size fits all” approach. It is important to create a careful balance between style, simplicity, functionality, and energy efficiency.

ConTech Lighting will guide you through the lighting process and be your lighting resource with our extensive product selection that gives you a complete palette from which to create your signature design. It takes time and effort to ensure that your investment in lighting will be returned to the bottom line, and it’s a partnership ConTech will be involved with every step of the way.



Goals of Hospitality Lighting


Make a positive first impression; create a warm and inviting environment that makes guests want to return as well as recommend to others

Convey a specific brand message to help create a distinctive environment that gives guests a memorable experience

Lighting solutions vary depending on the target market, space concept and brand image; the best lighting will set you apart from competitors

Create a careful balance between style, simplicity, functionality, and energy efficiency

Layers of Light


  • Main source of illumination in a space; this uniform, base level of lighting can easily become the focus of energy reduction
  • Comfortable level of brightness
  • Recommended light levels for general lighting is 30 - 50 footcandles

General lighting allows the guests and staff circulate throughout the space; diffused general lighting ensures a sense of well-being, which makes guests feel comfortable



  • Illuminates an area for a specific task; providing a focused, localized, and higher level of illumination
  • Most effective when used as a supplement to general lighting
  • Should eliminate shadows on the specific illuminated area, while preventing glare from the lamp or off surfaces
  • Recommended light levels for task areas are 50 – 200 footcandles


When lighting a task area, take into account the difference in brightness and contrast between the task area and the surrounding space. A 3:1 ratio of task lighting to general illumination provides a nice contrast.



  • Uses a focused light source or sources to add depth, contrast and highlight shape, texture, finish and color
  • This illumination is more precise and of higher intensity than the surrounding ambient light
  • If directed ambiguously, the end result may have many unwanted shadows and a distracting glare
  • Recommended light levels for accent lighting are between 150 – 500 footcandles

Accenting everything and emphasizing nothing is a common mistake with accent lighting; keep in mind that there such a thing as providing too much light. A 5:1 ratio of accent to ambient light to make items stand out and create a significant visual effect.



  • Dual purpose: not only to contribute to the lighting layers in the environment, but also to enhance the look of the space as a design element
  • It should complement and add visual interest to the interior and contribute to the overall lighting plan
  • An important reflection of the brand image and reinforces the theme and style of the space

Decorative lighting can contribute a feeling of hospitality and comfort to the experience, putting guests at ease


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