Tapelight Concierge Service


ConTech takes the guesswork out of configuring your Tapelight System

Our dedicated team of experts works directly with you to understand your application and design intent. We will assess your blueprints and designs to construct the best system for your application. A full technical review of components assures requirements and technical specifications are met. With four configurations to choose from, from field cut to project kitted, let ConTech Tapelight Concierge Service make your tapelight design come to life.


What is the best product
for my application?

ConTech offers a large variety of tapelight models and channels. Our Tapelight Concierge Service Team is ready to assist if needed. Check out our Performance Tapelight offering here.


What drivers do I use
and how many?

ConTech provides run length/driver wattage information on each tapelight spec sheet and installation instructions. If you still need help,
contact our Tapelight Concierge Service Team.


What other connectors 
and parts are needed?

ConTech provides all of the components to bring your tapelight system to life. Our Tapelight Concierge Service Team stands ready to assist with full configuration and bill of materials guidance.

ConTech's Concierge Service Includes

tapelight design support

Design Support

  • Read and assess your plans and installation diagrams
  • Technical review assures we meet your specifications
tapelight collaboration


  • Work with you to understand the application and design intent
  • Save you time by translating your design into an orderable BOM
Tapelight Concierge Quick Response

Quick Response

  • We work hard to ask the right questions and respond quickly
  • Timely take-offs providing you project specific tapelight solutions
Tapelight Configuration Solutions

Configuration Solutions

  • Offering four build configurations to support your project needs: Field Cut, Factory Cut, Factory Assembled or  Project Kitted

Tapelight Configuration Solutions

tapelight field cut

Field Cut

  • Completely field configurable
  • Individual tapelight system components provided
  • Most common and cost-effective configuration, fast shipment
tapelight factory cut

Factory Cut

  • Field build with pre-cut channels and lenses from the factory
  • Minimizes field cutting when run lengths are known
tapelight factory assembled2

Factory Assembled

  • Tapelight is loaded into pre-cut channels
  • Simplifies installation and reduces on-site labor
  • Custom quoted configuration
tapelight project kitted

Project Kitted

  • Complete, customized tapelight system
  • Easy installation for large projects with repetitive, defined configurations
  • All components for each defined configuration are packaged together

Contact the Tapelight Concierge Service Team for more information