2-In. Warm Dimming LED Trimless Adjustable New Construction Insulated Ceiling (IC)/StopAire™ Downlight


  • Housing rated for use in direct contact with insulation materials
  • 16-Gauge Galvanized Steel Housing, painted matte black inside and out; removable cover for driver access, spring latch tether provides secondary support of the Universal LED Module
  • A metal perforated Mud Frame is required (MF2A ordered separately). When fastened to the ceiling, the Mud Frame utilizes three (3) spring-and-ball detent points to securely support Module
  • Quick-Connect design for easy installation and removal of Universal LED Module; three (3) Spring Steel Supports secure Module into housing/ceiling
  • Matte black painted mechanism is constructed of 16-gauge sheet metal, an aluminum die-cast heat-sink, an acrylic optic, and a thermoplastic optic holder; Adjustment feature has white graduation marks every 15-degrees for consistent aiming plus set screw to lock tilt adjustment in place
  • Warm Dim CCT Ranges from 3000K to 1800K, delivering up to 800 lumens (3000K at 100%, 1800K at greater than or equal to 5%)
  • Excellent fixture to fixture color consistency within a 2-step MacAdam Ellipse tolerance
  • Precision TIR Optics produce Spot, Medium, and Flood beam distributions; Optics are interchangeable and can be field replaced
  • Many trim options available; see attached trim sheet for information and details. NOTE: RN2A and RN2RM Series’ trims are NOT compatible with each other
  • All RN2A Adjustable Trimless Downlights are available for non-dimming and dimming applications. For a list of compatible dimmers, refer to the Dimming Specification sheet.

Product Information