0-10V Dimming Track


  • Six (6) Conductor Surface or Suspended Track for Two Circuits plus Data Bus
  • Available in 120V or 277V
  • Extruded Aluminum body with six (6) internal Copper Conductors available in 4, 8, and 12 foot field-cuttable lengths
  • System provides two (2) independent switchable circuits, each with its own neutral conductor
  • Internal 2-conductor Busways provide for low voltage data signal such as 0-10V Dimming Control
  • Earth ground continuity through the aluminum extruded housing
  • Track consists of two (2) 20A circuits
  • Maximum power rating of each circuit:
    2400W: 20A @120V, 60Hz, NEC allows 80% of full capacity or 1920W
    5540W: 20A @277V, 60Hz, NEC allows 80% of full capacity or 4432W
  • Easily field cut able with a standard saw, no cutting back or bending back of conductors necessary; track has pre-punched slotted holes
  • Can be integrated into a building management system
  • Data Bus carries one (1) 0-10V Dimming Signal which may be used for Circuit-1, Circuit-2 or both
  • ConTech Track Luminaires must have an OTL (2C/2N Data Track) adapter installed for compatibility with the O2CD Track system

Product Information