Gallery XL Luminaire with 0-10V Dimming Track System Adapter


  • A revolutionary track head with superior optics designed to bring theatre grade beam control to traditional gallery and commercial track heads and mono-point luminaries
  • Luminaires are constructed with an integrated adapter for use on the ConTech O2CD 0-10V Dimming Track System
  • The die-cast aluminum cylindrical body provides thermal management
  • Adjustable, lockable aiming arm with 0° to 100° tilt for precision aiming; 365° horizontal rotation
  • Precision engineered Dual Lens Optic used for Very Narrow Spot (VN) and Narrow Spot (NS) beam distributions. Design provides a tight beam angle and field to highlight target objects with minimal stray illumination.
  • Specular Aluminum Reflectors used for 24° Medium, 42° Flood,and 51° Wide Flood beam distributions. Optically engineered for even illumination and glare control.
  • Can accept up to two (2) LF20 Lenses/Filters, LA-45 Honeycomb Louver, FA-94 Snoot or BD94-B Black Barn Doors, ordered separately. Snoot or Barn Door count as one (1) piece.
  • 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K color temperatures;
  • 80 CRI minimum, 83 typical; high CRI of 90+ available
  • Excellent fixture-to-fixture color consistency within a 3-step MacAdam Ellipse tolerance
  • Precise beam control ensures that even at lower aiming angles, the luminaire is glare free and quiet in the ceiling
  • Full collection of accessories to produce a myriad of filtering and framing effects
  • Dimming allows smooth illumination down to 1%

Product Information

  • Product Features

    Color Rendering Index : 80-89|90-100

    Correlated Color Temperature : 2700K|3000K|3500K|4000K

    Driver Orientation : Integrated

    Light Distribution Detail : Very Narrow Spot Optic|Narrow Spot Optic|Medium Reflector|Flood Reflector|Wide Flood Reflector

    Light Source : LED

    Lumen Output : 500-1000|1001-1500|1501-2000|2001-3000|3001-4000|4001-5000

    Product Type : Track Head